KOCC Board Members


  • Sarah DiGerolamo (Founder/President /  Financial Committee)
  • Shea Bowen  (Vice President /Financial Committee) 
  • Jennifer Kellner (Secretary)
  • Tina Lovings (Member)
  • Diane Dillon (Member)


Sarah DiGerolamo (Founder/President/ Financial Committee Member)

Sarah has worked in the Building Industry as Administrative Assistant,  and Restaurant Industry before owning her own Daycare in Arizona.  She also owned  “Wanna Wrap” and “Charlie’s Place” Restaurants in Kernersville, NC.   Sarah worked as Bookeeper for both restaurants, after studying Financial Accounting at Mira Costa College in CA.  She now is Office Manager of Johnson’s Attic Mini Storage  and is Founder of  Kids of Childhood Cancer Foundation.    Sarah is the mother of Desiree, age 16, and Angel Vinny, forever 9.  Desiree was born 2 months premature when Sarah had severe pre-eclampsia. Vinny was born 3 years later with a cleft lip, cleft palate, and Pulmonary Stenosis. When he was 4 yrs old, he was diagnosed with Embryonal  Rhabdomyosarcoma in the brain and sinus cavity.  After 11 months of treatment, Vinny was cancer-free for 9 months.  When he was 6 yrs old, Vinny relapsed with  Rhabdomyosarcoma in the lung. He continued to relapse in his Orbit, Sacrum, again in his lung, and finally in his Spinal Column with 5 new tumors. Vinny earned his wings on February 18, 2013, relapsing 4 times in 5 years.    During his 5 year battle, Sarah’s dream came true: to help all of the other families on the ward battling right beside her. “Kids of Childhood Cancer” was formed so no one would go through this alone.



Shea Bowen  (Vice President)

Shea is a former Pediatric Oncology Nurse at Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem. She worked on our cancer unit, which our foundation supports, for 15 years as a CNA.  She has been involved with our foundation for 7 years.  She is now the mother of a beautiful young girl, and is a full-time mother.  Her heart and soul lies with the former and current patients on our ward, and the many Angels she has taken care of as they earned their wings.




Jennifer Kellner (Secretary) 


My husband, Chris and I have been married for 25 years. Chris is from Long Island, NY and I’m from right here in NC. We have lived in Winston-Salem for more than 20 years. We have three children; two boys and a girl, the youngest.  On Halloween, 2011, we received a call that our daughter, Anna, then 16, had cancer in the form of a tumor in her thigh; Synovial Cell Sarcoma. We were devastated. After trying a first round of chemotherapy, Anna endured many surgeries both to remove the tumor and from complications, then more chemotherapy. She was pronounced “In Remission” on July 13th – Friday, the 13th,  2012. Still now, more than two years after her remission, we worry each time we have a chest Xray, an MRI, or lab work. I don’t believe the fear will ever leave us.

During and after the time Anna was in treatment, we were fortunate to be in the hands of the wonderful Doctors, Nurses, and Staff at Brenner Children’s Hospital. While there, we met Sarah DiGerolamo and were the recipients of many of the wonderful things she and Kids of Childhood Cancer do for the children and families on the 9th floor, including spending much needed “down” time at Safe Haven.

I am so very honored to be a Member of Kids of Childhood Cancer. It is an awesome way for me to pay forward the kindnesses shown to us and give back to this wonderful organization, though, that can never be repaid fully. I can’t tell you of the total exhaustion – body and mind – that comes from having a child sick with a deadly disease – and I also can’t fully explain to you the ensuing relief that comes when someone reaches out their hand to help steady you a bit, as Kids of Childhood Cancer did for us. I am forever in their debt.


Tina Lovings  (Member) 


As a respiratory therapist for many years I had taken care of patients but found myself on the other side of healthcare when our son Bradley was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 at age 11.  My husband Jimmy and I had our world turned upside down when we heard the words, “We have found a mass….”  but after several years of treatment including surgery, chemo and other procedures we feel blessed to say today that Bradley is happy and healthy.  As time goes by we get further away from the initial cancer diagnosis but keep the constant fear in the back of our mind with each ache, pain or follow-up scan. We’ve seen first-hand the devastation that cancer can bring to families and we’ve seen too many children loose the fight.  We met Sarah and her family at the very beginning of our journey as she was there to offer us comfort and support.  I have been a volunteer with Kids of Childhood Cancer since the start and I’m really excited to join the board.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the magic wand to take cancer away but this organization provides the emotional and financial support that so many families in our community desperately need.



Diane Dillon (Member) 

I  and my grandson,  Wesley Lean, have known Sarah for four years.  I  became involved in the foundation as a way to honor Sarah and other parents who have lost a child.  I work part-time tutor in a local Guilford County School and Wesley is a rising fourth grader at Pearce Elementary.


Honorary Members:

Susan Bevard  -   Mother of Childhood Cancer Survivor,  Advocate

Jon “Bowzer” Bowman – Singer (Bowzer and the Stingrays, formerly of Sha Na Na, Advocate)

Charlie DiGerolamo –  Father of Vinny DiGerolamo (Angel)  and Desiree,  Retired Police Officer

Desiree DiGerolamo  -  Student / Vinny’s sister and cancer advocate

Anna Kellner  -  Childhood Cancer Survivor

Chris Kellner:    Childhood Cancer Advocate, Parent of Survivor

Chase McCrary  – Student and  Child Advocate

Sherry Moss - Professor at WFU School of Business, Child Advocate, Mother of Chase McCrary

Debi Greer  -  Education and Mother of Angel Devan “The Rhino”

Gaye Jeffery  -  Grandma of Devan,  Warrior and Angel

Susan Thrift  – Aunt Soozy,   Childhood Cancer Advocate